Attending an Amplifier Event

15 Jun 2023

Attending an Amplifier Event

Joining the Event

This guide will give you a run through of what to expect in your upcoming event. Once you join the event URL provided by your host, you will see some controls. You can add a background blur as well as change your microphone, video, and speaker settings.

On the left hand side you can enter important information that other people see about you such as your name, title, and organization. You can also add and sort by hashtags. This is a great way for you to filter large amounts of people down to those that are most aligned, as well as be discovered by others.

The whole purpose of Amplifier is to help you build meaningful connections. So adding extra detail here goes a long way in the relationships you can build.

Influencing who you talk to

Once you click continue you will enter the event. On the right side we can see the full list of other attendees. This is important because this is how you’ll decide who you want to network with. You can search and filter based on their profile details or hashtags.

Once you decide on who you want to talk to, you can click the star next to their name or drag them up into your priority list. The host will then push you into continuous 1:1 conversations and these will be the people you get to talk to.

Breakout Rounds

Once inside a breakout round you will see a timer showing how much time you have left. When there is only 10 seconds remaining, your screen will fade to black which is your opportunity to say wrap up your conversation. You will automatically transition to the next person.

Throughout the event you can continue upvoting other people into your priority list. You can also return into the home room or leave the event at any time.

We look forward to you making some incredible connections!