Updates and improvements to Amplifier

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Feb 15, 2023

Preset Matches

Before starting breakout rounds as a host you can now set matches that will be prioritised over the preferences that users set.

To set a match, find preset matches in the event control centre, select two users you want to match in the following breakout rounds then click create.

Matches are executed in the order they appear in the list, those closer to the top will be executed first. For instance, if a user is included in two preset matches their next breakout will be with their highest ranking match. To reorder matches, drag and drop the entry using the handle on the left.

The match will be automatically cancelled if one of the two users leaves the event or the match is cancelled by another admin.

Once the two users from a match have talked to each other, the match will be marked as 'Matched'

Website re-design

We are excited to announce the launch of our new website, version 2.0. The updated website incorporates a refreshed design, improved navigation, and enhanced functionality to provide a better onboarding experience.

Bug Fixes & Misc Improvements

  • Add loading spinner on 'Start Breakouts' button
  • Fixed users sometimes not showing in home room when 'All Participants' is selected
  • Updated styling of room mode toggle in control centre
  • Improve performance of Host View in large rooms
  • Fixed users being hidden in home room when granted as hosts
  • Remove drag/drop from host mode in favor of moving via dropdown/modal.
  • Fixed users not moving in host mode